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Addicted to Gamification, by Claire Blincow

I’m not normally a gamer, my Wii has been gathering dust for well over a year and I wouldn’t even know where to start if I needed to turn on the PS3 in an emergency Call of Duty situation. Having said all that, we’ve just launched Altecnic’s new online game to promote a new supplier partnership and I am totally addicted.

Of course, I’m purely playing for the purposes of research, allowing me to accurately publicise it in the press and across social media but ever since I was sent the link from our project partner, Real Edge, I’ve not stopped testing my Reflexes!

Real Edge has done a great job bringing gamification to the plumbing and heating market. Like all well thought out ideas, the concept is simple. Just hit as many Reflex expansion vessels as you can in 30 seconds. The plumber and merchant with the highest scores will win an all expenses trip to race round the Nürburgring in Germany.

We’re working together to deliver a fully integrated marketing communications campaign which will maximise awareness about Altecnic’s new vessel supplier. So, if you’ve got a spare five minutes (which I warn you, could turn into 15), test your reflexes at vessels.altecnic.co.uk.


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